If you’ve been over to Costa Pacifica lately, you may realize it’s not the same bright and open Mexican-seafood restaurant you remember. Although the restaurant is getting a little face-lift, it is still full of the authentic flavors the San Antonio community loves.

We sat down with Costa Pacifica Owner Moris Saide to learn about the entire concept behind the remodel. Check out our interview with Moris below

The concept of the remodel

The idea behind the remodel was to incorporate a more convenient private room, bar area, dining area, and outside patio area for all patrons.

The private room was created with the guest in mind. We wanted to be able to offer something special for all of our customers and for any occasion; whether it is business meetings, baby showers, birthday celebrations, or rehearsal dinners.

The idea to separate the bar area from the dining area was to give people more seating options. Someone with small kids may not want to sit near a loud bar, but at a large table to accommodate the family. However, if someone is looking to catch a sports game on TV and have a couple drinks, the bar area is more than accommodating.

The patio has always been used as a place where people gather to have drinks, listen to music, or just enjoy good company. We decided to integrate it closer to the restaurant. It used to be a little further from the dining area and bar, but we have made it cozier and intimate by incorporating warmer colors into the design.

The inspiration for change

In the restaurant industry, the rule of thumb is to make a change every 3 to 5 years – whether it’s the menu or the color of the walls. Every couple of years, we make a small change. Costa has been around for about seven years, so it felt like the right time for even more redecorating. We want our customers to know that we are improving for them and keeping it interesting for them.

What is the new layout hoping to accomplish?

Our goal is to bring in more private parties and invite our patrons to enjoy the bar area when they just need a little time away from everything.

New menu items guests can look forward to

Since we opened, we only focused on fresh seafood. Now, we started incorporating more chicken and beef into our menu. In fact, our best-selling item is the Patron Taco, which is actually a ribeye taco. We are seeing that our patrons – Texans – really love beef, and we wanted to expand the available selection from strictly seafood. A must try is the Beef Carpaccio and the Grilled Ribeye. Now, you can also find vegetarian items on our menu.

How is the new design different than the previous one?

The new design feels more intimate and is a smarter layout. Each area is unique to serve its purpose and allows us to be more accommodating to our patrons. Our older layout didn’t allow us to section our tables for our wait staff, but now our waiters have designated areas they serve around the restaurant. This layout has been working perfectly.

Is there anything else in the works?

The terrace isn’t completely finished just yet; we are going to build a DJ booth. We are about to start a late Sunday brunch from 4-8 pm and will have lounge music going on to end the weekend. Our guests will be able to enjoy brunch specials on Mimosas, Bellini’s, Bloody Mary’s, and Clamato’s. Clamato is the Mesxican version of a Bloody Mary, but Moris thinks it’s much tastier. We may call this “Hangover Sundays” or “Puro Domingos.”

Check Out the New and Improved Costa Pacifica in San Antonio, TX

Costa Pacifica provides more than Mexican-style seafood options in the Stone Oak area. With a new and improved menu and redesign, there is something for all guests to enjoy. Don’t forget to join us every Sunday for an exclusive happy hour you won’t want to miss. Learn more at http://old.costapacificausa.com/.

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