Seafood: you either love it or you hate it. No two seafood dishes are alike, and maybe that’s what makes seafood so delicious. You’re always in for a treat! Seafood is often considered a delicacy, and it sure does taste like it. The best part about it might be that it’s healthy without even trying to be! It’s rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals, and is somehow still delicious!

Today, it can be difficult to find fresh, tasty seafood if you aren’t in a coastal town. Here’s how you can ensure you’re choosing the best seafood restaurant available near you:

Culturally Traditional

Find a seafood restaurant that offers traditional seafood plates. Most seafood restaurants offer the same dishes. Look for one that stands out and that offers something that either takes you back or takes you someplace new. Taste the culture of the oceanside!

Local Food

The restaurant should also offer local food options or have a twist on local food. For example, Costa Pacifica is a Mexican-Seafood restaurant in San Antonio. San Antonio is the hub of Mexican food! Costa Pacifica wanted to create the ambience of dining in a seaside village. Even the drink menu combines the perfect blend of San Antonio and seafood.


A good seafood restaurant will keep everyone in mind: even the picky eater who doesn’t like seafood – and no, we aren’t just talking about featuring chicken strips on a kids’ menu. Adults need choices, too. Check the restaurants’ menu online to get an idea of what they offer. If they don’t have enough food options for the people in your party, it most likely won’t be a place everyone can enjoy.


You should never underpay for healthy food. There are plenty of restaurants that offer top quality seafood options that won’t break the bank. Check their websites to see where restaurants get their fish to ensure you’re getting fresh food – not frozen.


No matter where you go to eat, you should always be looking for great service. The moment you get bad service, you will probably make a mental note to write a bad review and never return. You shouldn’t have to leave a business with that mentality! The best seafood restaurants are known for their relaxed vibe and amazing service.


When it comes to seafood restaurants, hygiene is especially important. These businesses are dealing with raw seafood! If the outside, the inside, and the bathrooms are nice and clean, there’s a good chance the kitchen is, too – and that’s the most important. Your health should always come first, after all!


Okay, so this might not be a huge deciding factor, but it is definitely one of ours! Think about it – seafood is salty, and you need something tasty to balance out those flavors. Whether it’s strawberry lemonade or a cucumber margarita, there should always be tasty drinks. Think about it… who would want to be sitting seaside without a drink in their hand?

Check out a restaurant’s happy hour before you go. Most restaurants offer food specials as well! At Costa Pacifica, we have one of the best happy hours in San Antonio! We have all day long happy hour on Mondays and Tuesdays. You can’t start your work week any happier than that.


Whether you enjoy listening to live music or watching live Spurs games at dinner, most restaurants only have the televisions. Most businesses update their Facebook pages when they have something special going on, but some have local bands that come regularly once or twice a week. Make the most out of your dining experience, and make an event out of it.


Online reviews tell more about a restaurant than anyone else! You get to hear about a number of past customers’ perspectives and experiences. You might even be able to check off everything on this list by reading reviews. People don’t just review the food, they usually review the service, atmosphere, cleanliness, etc.

Fun Fact: The owner of Costa Pacifica, Moris Saide, created the restaurant because of the low-quality food that is heavily available to the public. Moris got the idea when a doctor told his family that his brother developed an illness because of the food we are consuming. Soon after the news, Costa Pacifica was born. This is a family-friendly seafood restaurant where San Antonio locals can enjoy delicious, healthy food at affordable prices. We only serve the finest catch to our guests.

If you’re looking for the best seafood restaurant in San Antonio, look no further than Costa Pacifica. We have unbeatable lunch prices and the best happy hour in town! Visit our website to view our extensive lunch menu, dinner menu, and happy hour food and drink specials!

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