Every year in April, millions of people from various parts of the state, country, and even the world will visit San Antonio, Texas to take part in Fiesta. If you’ve never heard of Fiesta, you may not be familiar with the traditions of San Antonio! Not to worry – we will fill you in!

Fiesta in San Antonio at Costa Pacifica






What is Fiesta?

Fiesta is a celebration that takes place all over various parts of San Antonio for a period of 10 days. Whether you want to hit up the streets of downtown or enjoy a festival on the northside, there is something going on everywhere you look! You’ll see women decked out in bright flower crowns and Mexican dresses, men typically wear large over-the-top hats, and everyone loves to show off their sashes filled with medals they’ve been collecting.

While every Fiesta event offers a different atmosphere, most of them will include alcohol, food, and live music. There’s no way to describe Fiesta. It is something everyone must experience at least once in their lives. You may even become addicted to the celebration and make a tradition out of it!


How Did Fiesta Begin in San Antonio?

Back in 1891, the very first Fiesta kicked off as just a parade to honor the men who fought in the Alamo and Battle of San Jacinto. We still honor this tradition and call it the Battle of Flowers Parade – which is the largest parade in Fiesta. This is also the only parade in the nation to be planned and directed solely by women. It is also the second-largest parade, coming behind the Tournament of Roses Parade.



Celebrate Fiesta at Costa Pacifica in San Antonio

This year, avoid the hefty parking fees, overcrowded streets, and slow traffic. Don’t waste time going downtown to find a party. There’s an even bigger party going on over on the northside of town at Costa Pacifica in Stone Oak. Want to plan your own event with friends? Take advantage of our free party room! Get a group together, call in to reserve the room, and come party with us!


What’s New?

At Costa, we take pride on offering something new for our guests to look forward to every day of the week. No matter what your schedule is, we can always promise a good time on your days off (or your days on – we won’t tell anyone).

Daily Events at Costa Pacifica


Sunday Funday!

$1 mimosas @ 7-9 pm

DJ @ 5 pm

Monday & Tuesday:

ALL DAY Happy Hour


$5.95 JUMBO House Margaritas All Day

Live DJ @ 6 pm


Karaoke @ 8 pm

Friday & Saturday:

Live music @ 8 pm


All the fun is right here at Costa Pacifica in San Antonio, Texas!


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