Here in San Antonio, TX, the most beloved alcoholic beverage is the margarita. And if we’re being honest… have you ever met a margarita you haven’t liked? Even local fast food restaurants serve up margaritas because they understand their clientele’s needs. Have you ever wondered how margaritas became so popular? We’re here to tell you how it all started!

The Man Behind the Marg

This cocktail was invented by one… maybe two… maybe ten… who knows how many people actually. The stories of how this delicious cocktail came to be are endless. People from all over have tried to take responsibility of creating the drink, but who is the true brains behind the taste?

To be honest, it could’ve been invented by multiple people. Back in the 1930s, Tequila Sidecars were fairly popular. All you had to do was add a little bit of lime juice, and you could have said you created the margarita! We can also take a look at another popular drink, Tequila Daisy Cocktail. This drink was made with tequila – of course – lime and grenadine. Do you know what the Spanish word for “daisy” is? You guessed it… margarita! The margarita could’ve easily been a spin off of the Tequila Daisy Cocktail.

Now that you know a little bit of the background, here are some of the most popular stories from possible creators of the margarita.

Contender #1: Carlos “Danny” Herrera

Carlos has the most famous story of all the tales told from back in 1938. Carlos owned a restaurant in Mexico, Rancho La Gloria, and was serving Ziegfeld showgirl Marjorie King. Zing was allergic to all types of liquor – except tequila. However, she didn’t like the taste of the alcohol and put Carlos up to the task. Carlos decided to mask the flavor with sugar and lime, and the margarita was born!

Or was it…? Let’s look at the next nominee.

Contender #2: Margaret (Margarita) Sames

Margaret was a Dallas, Texas socialite and was hosting a house party in Acapulco in 1948. Rumor has it that even Tommy Hilton was in attendance. Margaret began whipping up some cocktails and created this tangy concoction. Hilton loved it so much that he decided to add it to the drink menu in his hotels. We call the drink margarita, because it is the Spanish version of Margaret. We find this story to be much less believable, but it’d make for a pretty great television commercial!

Contender #3: Francisco “Pancho” Morales

On July 4, 1942, Pancho was working at a bar called Tommy’s Place near El Paso. A customer approached him and asked him to make a Magnolia, but Pancho had no idea how to make it. Pancho decided to just throw something together and hope the customer would enjoy. As it turns out, the customer loved it, and the margarita was born! The LA Times wrote, “over the years, several people claimed to have invented the drink; but Mexico’s official news agency Notimex and many experts say that Morales has the strongest claim.”

How Popular are Margaritas?

In 2008, margaritas accounted for 18% of all mixed drink sales and was the most commonly ordered alcoholic beverage. With so many different flavors and varieties to choose from, there’s something for everyone’s palate! Chili rim, sugar, or salt? Frozen or on the rocks? From strawberry to mango chamoy to cucumber and more, the possibilities are endless.

Fun Fact: The world’s very first frozen margarita machine was invented right here in Texas! A Dallas man and restaurant owner, Mariano Martinez, came up with the creation in 1971 to make the margarita-making process even easier. Martinez and his friend converted a soft-serve ice-cream machine into a large-scale margarita maker. Today, you can view his original margarita machine at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History.

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