Most cultures celebrate New Year’s, which makes sense. It’s not a religious holiday, and it’s not celebrating any particular country. Instead, it gives you a chance to celebrate everything that has happened through the year, thinking about what’s come before while also giving perspective as you make decisions regarding your future.

There are some major similarities between the ways that Americans and Mexicans celebrate the New Year’s: mainly the fireworks, the champagne, and the desire to look to the future. However, there are also some significant differences. Below, we’ll discuss a few Mexican New Year’s traditions.

Red or Yellow?

This is one of the quirkier Mexican New Year’s traditions. Essentially, you’re supposed to wear the color of underwear that corresponds with your wishes.

If you’re wearing red underwear, you’re looking for good fortune in the romance department. This applies to people no matter their relationship status, so it can be anything from finding a new partner to keeping a marriage going strong.

If you’re wearing yellow underwear, you’re focusing more on having good luck throughout your career. This can mean anything from making more money to simply being better recognized at work.

Some people buy colored underwear specifically for New Year’s!

12 Grapes

Eating 12 grapes is one of the most infamous New Year’s traditions. There are a few different ways this can be done. One of the most common is to eat 12 grapes in the 12 minutes leading up to New Year’s, as this is supposed to give you luck that lasts throughout the year.

The 12 grapes can also represent 12 of something: either 12 wishes or the 12 months that lie ahead. If they represent the 12 months that lie ahead, it’s said that you don’t want to eat any sour grapes. One of these indicates a rough month that you’re going to experience.


There are a number of different Mexican New Year’s traditions that revolve around coins. One of the most common requires you to sweep your home. Cleaning everything out symbolizes “cleaning house” and getting your life in order. Once you’re done, you then drop coins outside your house and sweep them into your home, in order to bring good luck with money into your life.

Another tradition involves baking Mexican sweet bread. A coin is placed in the bread, and everyone in the house gets a piece. Whoever gets a slice with a coin in it is destined to have good fortune in the new year. Just make sure not to bite down on the coin!

Looking to Celebrate New Year’s?

In many parts of the world, fish are considered a classic New Year’s food. This is because fish are always swimming forward, and their scales resemble coins. In Mexico, bacalao is the New Year’s fish.

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