Moris & Tommy – Owners of Costa Pacifica, USA


“We’re Entertainers in the Food Business.”

My cousin, Tommy, and I spent many hours exploring the picturesque beaches along the Mexican coast growing up. Visitors would travel to these small fishing villages along the Pacific Coast, and tell us stories of their travels and where they called home. We enjoyed meeting these tourists, listening to their stories, and learning of distant places — the lands they journeyed from to discover our dear homeland.

Along with making new friends, we always had an assortment of fresh seafood and we discovered that sharing good Mexican seafood from our region was a way to bond both with our family and the visitors. We’d tell them about the dishes, and also make recommendations! When Tommy and I got older and moved to San Antonio, we found that we missed the remote vistas of Mexico and craved the vibrant flavors of home. We wanted to recreate what we loved about the Pacific Coast and envisioned a restaurant where we could invite our friends and neighbors to join us in our pursuit of “serious Mexican seafood.”

We developed a simple concept just like the family dinners on the beach - offer the freshest seafood served in a casual place with a cool vibe. We wanted our restaurant to bring memories of seaside villages, such as Puerto Vallarta or Mazatlan, to life. We remembered those seaside diners pulsating with life, yet relaxing after a long day in the sun, and always with the aroma of freshly cooked seafood at every table. From our memories, the concept of Costa Pacifica was born.

Using only the finest catch at the market along with garden-fresh produce, spices, and cheeses from local farmers markets and ranches in Texas, we have found that bringing a little corner of the beaches of Mexico to our friends in San Antonio stays true to the heart and soul of our original vision of “serious Mexican seafood” and our love of food, family, friendship, and the deep blue sea.

We hope that the flavors from our home continue to bring people, and new friends together!