With the commencement of fall and cold breezes blowing from the North, we invite you to join us at cozy Costa Pacifica for the perfect bowl of delicious soup that will satisfy your soul and fulfill your yearning for a glowing inner warmth. Our special soup for this month is:

Shrimp Soup

Traditional soup cooked to order with shrimp, potato, cilantro and carrots.

If the fall chill is getting you down, close your eyes and imagine being surrounded by the charm of Old Mexico. Our Shrimp Soup brings you to a warmer climate with its glorious blend of flavors made from the finest ingredients. A real comfort food, this soup with its slightly tangy taste and elusive aroma is tantalizingly enchanting—your taste buds will savor the experience. You’ll dream about our Shrimp Soup on cold stormy nights and you’ll come back for more. When you do return, bring a friend and introduce them to the enchantment.

Fish Soup

Traditional soup cooked to order with fish, potato, cilantro and carrots.

Do the grey days of fall have you in their grasp? With our traditional Fish Soup, let us take you back to the days of childhood, with images of warm kitchens and steaming pots of soup on the stove. Fresh from our kitchen and teeming with chef-inspired flavor, relish this one-of-a-kind culinary experience. Celebrate a special occasion with us or simply rejoice in today with this soup that is reminiscent of a long-ago beloved recipe. If grandma were in our kitchen, this is the soup she’d likely make for you. And place the bowl of steaming hot Shrimp Soup in front of you. So, enjoy!

Tiger’s Milk

A white wine ceviche broth with shrimp, fish and octopus cooked to order with chipotle, potato, carrots.

Dining in elegance can certainly chase away the cold weather blues, and our Tiger’s Milk Soup, with its strikingly unique flavors will lead the way. Created with a delicate white wine broth designed to enhance the essence of this delightful Ceviche, this soup is out of this world. Rich and abounding with flavor, our chef-specialty Tiger’s Milk Soup is unlike any other you have ever tasted. With its distinctive ingredients, cooked to perfection, it is the perfect answer to the low-hanging clouds of fall. Pull a chair up to our warm and welcoming table, and let yourself be greeted by the heavenly aroma of soup, lovingly presented to you from our kitchen.

Tlalpeño Soup

Shrimp, fish, octopus, clam and squid with carrots, potato, broccoli, and cauliflower in a delicious, cooked to order broth with chipotle, avocado, and panela cheese.

Are you looking for a blend of wonderful ingredients that will warm your insides and spark your imagination? With our Tlalpeño Soup you need look no farther. Bursting with flavor enhanced by the creamy texture of panela cheese, relish the experience with every spoonful. The subtle heat of our chipotle broth paired with the freshness of creamy avocado will take your breath away. With its wonderfully luscious essence of homemade nourishment, our Tlalpeño Soup is more than “just a soup.” It is our invitation to you to visit our relaxed setting and warm up on a chilly day. Come to Costa Pacifica, and come home to the spirit of goodness in a bowl of soup.

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